Glacier Ridge is a church launched out of Foothills Alliance Church and both belong to a larger family of churches called the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA). The “Alliance” is part of a larger global family of Evangelical churches that embrace the centrality of the Bible and the sufficiency of Jesus in our lives. A longer expression of our statement of faith is available at the link at the end of this summary … but here are the core beliefs that define who we are and what we do:

Our Beliefs


We believe that there is one God who exists eternally in three persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God is loving, holy, wise, powerful and knowable.


We believe that Jesus is God’s only Son, who lived a sinless life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again from the grave, proving his power over death, making reconciliation with the Father possible.

Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit enables those who seek his fullness to experience the presence, power and purity of Jesus.


We believe we can come to know this Triune God through entering into a relationship with Him by acknowledging our sin (our failure to live as he intends), believing in Jesus, and surrendering our lives to his purposes.


We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us, equipping us to know and live for him. It is accurate and authoritative, reliable and relevant to our everyday lives.

Our God

We believe that God created the church to be a source of community, teaching, and worship.  Through the church we are called and equipped to serve God and neighbour, locally and globally.

Second Coming

We believe that Jesus is coming again and our eternal destiny is dependent upon his grace and our response to it.


We believe that the good news of Jesus is meant to discovered daily, shared intentionally and celebrated joyfully.

The Alliance Canada Statement of Faith
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